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И они всегда заняты - висят на двух-трёх линиях сразу.
Или никого нет.
И никогда не позвонят в ответ на оставленное сообщение.
И вебсайта нет.
Или не работает.
е-mail-а нет.
И в итоге - заполнив форму, результат - ошибка.
А когда удается дозвониться, то это не тот человек. Позвоните потом.
Или у них уже есть это.
Или у них нет денег.

Короче, придётся слать рекламу факсом - это единственное, что у них работает, в основном.
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Due to a fuel contamination issue in TLV (Tel Aviv), most flights last night didn’t carry any cargo and had also left passengers behind ...
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С утра на границе застряли два груза для "Тойоты".
А вечером потребовался ближний привод в центр Чикаго.
Опять ай-яй-яй.
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Miami Airport Fire Disrupting Operations

On the evening of March 23, 2011 Miami International Airport's underground hydrant fueling system, which supplies fuel to all aircraft at the airport, was severely damaged and rendered completely inoperative due to a major fire.
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Most flights to and from Tokyo's Haneda and Narita airports appear to be operating somewhat normally, though some flight cancellations, delays and diversions continue to occur.
Flights into and out of Osaka, Japan appear to be operational with no major issues.
Indications from the airlines show that some freight is moving on flights to/from/through Tokyo, however challenges are beginning to emerge for cargo destined for Narita, due at least in part to the import warehouses being at full capacity as local infrastructure is having difficulty facilitating the pick-up of freight from the airlines.

The Northern Ocean Ports remain closed due to serious damage from both the earthquake and ensuing tsunami.

The ports of Sendai, Ofunato, Hachinohe, Onahama, Kashima and Hitachinaka remain closed.

The ports of Tokyo, Yokohama, Shimizu, Nagoya, Osaka, Kobe, Moji and Hakata are open.
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People -- Whenever security situation permits, we have created a skeleton staff to attend to office.

Clients --- BAH Air and Sea ports are operating with very few staff, and most of the local deliveries as well as road transportation to Saudi Arabia are on hold.
Please DO NOT move any shipment to BAH or via BAH gateway before reaching to our team for approval.
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Запустил второго клиента в таможню - 721A.
Который обещал подогнать ещё двух.
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Odessa Commercial Sea Port (Ukraine) is currently experiencing severe congestion as a result of 100% physical inspection of inbound containers which is being required by Security Service of Ukraine.
The 100% inspections, which began on January 14th, are currently resulting in a backlog of about 7,000 containers at the port’s warehouses.
It is not known how long the 100% inspections will continue to be required.

Так что подумайте, прежде чем экспортировать что-то на Украину.


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